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Sara-Mana Model A Ford Club: Loaner Engine Policy & Terms...

  • Borrower must be a Club Member in good standing.

  • Borrower, with Club Member assistance and/or a good Model A mechanic, must complete various tests and evaluations to determine if their installed engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

      • Example Tests & Evaluations:

          1. All Electrical components tested: Change Distributor, coil, condenser, points, plugs, ignition switch, 6 volts at all terminals. Look for shorts, hot or warm terminals, disconnect light harness, disconnect generator/alternator

          2. Fuel flow test: Change carburetor, confirm fuel flow

          3. Listen for knocking

          4. Compression check

          5. Are brakes dragging? Does it start sometimes? Are valves sticking?

      • Example reasons to rebuild or replace:

          1. A crack in the block

          2. Block/deck that is not flat

          3. Knocking determined by the tests in Les Andrews red book section 4.

          4. Burned valve seats

          5. Need to replace valve seats, lifters, cam shaft, crank shaft,

          6. Scored cylinder

          7. Problems that can't be repaired in place that require teardown of an engine

  • After the steps above are completed, two Club Officers will determine if the Borrower's car is eligible for the loaner engine.

  • The loan term is 6 months. Club officers may approve extending the loan term.

  • The loan fee is $250.

  • Borrower agrees to re torque loaner engine head bolts as defined in Les Andrews red book.

  • At the end of the loan term, the borrower must return the engine or provide a newly rebuilt engine of equal quality.

  • The Club Officers may alter these terms at any time.

  • Loaner Engine Policy & Terms Contract

Club Loaner Engine (A2000243) Includes:

  • Distributor

  • Water pump, water pipe attached to head & water pipe attached to block

  • Intake & exhaust manifolds

  • Flywheel housing with clutch disk & pressure plate

Club Loaner Engine (A2000243) Does Not Include:

  • Engine lift eye bolts

  • Spark plugs, coil, ignition wires & connectors

  • Carburetor

  • Starter

  • Generator

  • Fan belt

  • Transmission

Note: Engine # A2000243 was manufactured in July 1929

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